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Who we are. What we do.

The Exchange is built on a core belief that our relationship with cannabis is changing. By questioning assumptions, being true to our community, providing the highest quality in products and services, and listening to our customers, we can create a new and exciting standard for the cannabis experience.

We are a fully compliant State of Maine licensed medical marijuana Caregiver.

PRODUCTS – The cannabis marketplace is bursting with new products.  This rapidly evolving craft industry is constantly offering new experiences to consumers.  We offer the most popular new strains along with ancient favorites.  We also custom blend tinctures for accurate dosages of cannabinoids (i.e.- THC, THC-a, CBD, CBN, etc) as prescribed by your physician.

SERVICE – Second only to the quality of our product is our commitment to provide top notch customer service in order to make your experience easy, friendly, and exactly what you need.

At this time we only serve qualified medical patients with the appropriate documentation.  If you have questions about how you can become a medical marijuana patient we’d be happy to direct you.


(207) 221-2277


M-SA 12P–5p