Which Is Best for Pain-Relief? CBD or THC?

Which Is Best for Pain-Relief?


Which is better for pain-relief, CBD from marijuana or from hemp? Does CBD work better with THC? Learn how full-spectrum CBD oil can reduce your symptoms of pain and stress, helping you to get back to what matters in life.


Anyone who lives with pain knows that it keeps you from enjoying life. If you’ve heard of CBD than you may already know that it has the power to relieve pain, inflammation, and more.


But does CBD work as well as traditional pain-relievers like over the counter NSAIDs or opioid painkillers? What about CBD with THC? What’s the safest and best approach for pain-relief?


A Painful Situation


The latest data from NHIS gives us a pretty good picture of pain in the United States. They surveyed adults to understand the prevalence and severity of pain in the country, finding that –


  • 25.3 million adults in the US suffer from daily pain

  • 23.4 million adults in the US report a lot of pain

  • 25.4 million adults in the US experience category 3 pain

  • 14.4 million adults in the US report experience the highest level of pain, category 4


Their data revealed that American adults with category 3 or 4 pain were more likely to –


  • Have worse health status

  • Use more health care

  • Suffer more disability


Clearly, chronic pain is a severe problem. Keep reading to learn more about why traditional pain relievers aren’t working well enough and how compounds in cannabis could help.


Traditional Pain-Relief


Studies show our current methods of treating pain just aren’t working adequately. What’s worse is that the pharmaceuticals we currently use to treat pain can actually be addictive and toxic.


OTC pain relievers, such as Aspirin or Ibuprofen, provide temporary relief at first, but quickly lose their effect. You end up taking more for longer to try to relieve the pain, but this is exactly what you’re not supposed to do.


NSAIDs like those mentioned above are essentially little hand grenades in your gut. Taking them for longer than recommended, which most do, can lead to kidney and liver damage or worse, ulcer disease.


For many with sever chronic pain, they are prescribed opioid-based drugs. Prescription painkillers are even worse than NSAIDs though. By now you probably know that North America is in the midst of an epidemic of overdose death and addiction related to prescription opioids.


Studies show that opioids and NSAIDs don’t provide adequate relief in treating many types of severe pains. Now, physicians and pain-sufferers both seek a safe alternative that works to relieve chronic pain.


CBD vs. THC: Which Is Best for Pain-Relief


Many experts believe that the therapeutic compounds in cannabis could be the answer to our opioid and pain problems. You may have heard that CBD, or cannabidiol, is a powerful anti-inflammatory pain reliever. It’s true!


Studies show that CBD can treat pain that doesn’t respond to traditional opioids. These types of common pain include –


  • Migraines & Headaches

  • Joint, Neck, & Back pain

  • Neuropathic & CNS pain

  • Cancer-related pain

  • Chronic pain

  • And more!


What about THC, the psychoactive component in cannabis? THC is also a powerful pain reliever and it could help increase the pain fighting strength of CBD. Keep reading to find out how.


Both CBD and THC come from the same plant known as cannabis. Studies indicate that CBD alone is limited by what’s called a bell-shaped dose response curve.


In other words, you can’t take more of it and expect to experience better relief. However, researchers discovered that adding a small amount of THC to CBD allowed the effects to increase according to the dosage.


This effect is also referred to as the entourage effect and it could be the secret we’ve been seeking for pain relief. You can learn more about CBD, THC, and the entourage effect in our in-depth articles linked below.


While CBD is great at killing pain naturally, adding a little THC is like taking the “extra strength” pain relief brand. The added relaxation and sedative properties of THC can also help you relax and rest better. And with less stress and pain, you can finally get some well-deserved rest.


Full-Spectrum CBD-oil With THC


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by: Aaron Matthew